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Life isn

Life isn
Ibis Editions West-Jerusalem 1997
79 pages - ISBN 978-3-86575-409-7

A modern version of a toy-theater play, but for adults. Its figures include wind-ups and other shop-bought toys, adapted to the conditions of a table-performance. The nub of the five interlinked acts is the clockwork affair between the atrocious Cap'n Bimbo, spymaster, and Belinda, his infatuated scout, who never learned to count at spy school. The biking boys of the Mediterranean Squad are caught in the crossfire. „Life isn’t all Bike-Clips“ is a light-hearted satire on a stingy heart.

„Silk's brilliantly inventive, wickedly funny plays impart a truth that has the power of divination.“ (Walter Abish)

„Silk calls for a radical rethinking of the grammar of performance, and his works are funny, startling, and experimental in the best sense, forcing us to perceive stage imagery in a new way.“ (Library Journal)

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