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Ibis Editions West-Jerusalem 1997
114 pages - ISBN 978-3-86575-403-5

„Costigan“ is a sequence of fantastic stories, under the aegis of the Great Mother, through the nineteenth-century Levant. Its historical characters include Christopher Costigan and Thomas Molyneux, an Irish priest and an English sailor who died from exposure to the Dead Sea in August; Porfiri Uspenski, a Russian monk sent to examine the affairs of the Greek Church in Palestine; and the ninety-one-year-old philanthropist Moses Montefiore, on his eventh and last journey to Jerusalem.

„Dennis Silk is a delicious poet. Utterly natural, entirely himself, he works by a curious method. What he does, in his easy way, is to surround the inexpressible, which is charmed by his siege and surrenders. It's all very simple.“ (Saul Bellow)

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